*Attention:Whenever your order status is updated, such as the payment is successful, the goods have been shipped, etc., we will notify you by email. If you have not received the email notification, you can consult through our official email address: service@bobolead.com

Q: What payment methods are supported?

A: We support credit card, Paypal


Q: Why the final order and the interface display may be different?

A: Please note that USD will be charged. The amount you see online is only an estimate after converting it to the currency of your country based on the pre-recorded exchange rate. The bank you are dealing with is the one that will determine the actual exchange rate in addition to the applicable exchange rate.

We know how much you pay for each price of your order. We are working hard to improve our website for making a more transparent order process. 


Q: Can I cancel my order?

A: It depends on the status of your order. Unfortunately, if your order has been processed and awaiting shipment or has already been shipped, we will not be able to cancel the order. Please note that we cannot cancel orders that have already been shipped. Therefore, please wait for the package to arrive, you can keep the package or contact us to refund the refund. Please do not refuse to ship, because undelivered packages will be destroyed by third-party logistics.